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Cleans Just About Everything

The first line of defense against grease. Our water based multi-purpose degreaser gets rid of the toughest grease and soils. Perfect for work yards, engines, factory floors and gratĀ­ings, tools, trucks, metal, marine and fibreglass surfaces.

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Tested On People Not Animals |
Available in 1 gallon and 650mL trigger spray. Available in concentrated and ready-to-use formulations.
    Contains no petroleum distillates
    Sodium Hydroxide
    Biodegradable surfactants

Use in automatic scrubbers, pressure washers, dip tanks or steam cleaners. Light Cleaning: 1 part degreaser to 80+ parts water. Medium Oil: 1 part degreaser to 20 parts water. Heavily Oils: 1 part degreaser to 10 parts water. Soaking Tools: 1 part degreaser to 20 parts water