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You’re Mr. Fix-It. The DIY Guy. If there’s a job that needs doing, it’s got your name on it. We’ve got the solutions for your toughest jobs.

Tools For Fixers

It takes a lot to keep a household running. You've got to be a mechanic, plumber, technician, and all-round wizard! That's why we make easy-to-use, professional quality chemical solutions that make your tough jobs easy.

Pro Quality Solutions

For 25 years we've been formulating solutions to the toughest of problems. Now we bring those tools to you.

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What good are professional solutions if they're too complicated? Our easy-to-use solutions make your job easy.

Science Applied

Each product is scientifically designed to be the right solution to your job. No more guesswork. Get the job done.

Meet Everyday Heroes

Whether it's changing oil or changing diapers—you're changing the world. Join a community filled with people who keep this world turning.

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You don't have to hire an expensive professional. You can be the one they rely on. Find a solution and get the job done today.

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