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Rust Remover

Gets Rid Of Rust With Ease

Rust remover can be used to remove rust immediately or left to form a protective coat to inhibit further corrosion, and as a primer for further painting and fabrication. It is also effective in removing rust stains from a variety of non-metallic surfaces (e.g. Concrete walkways, most floor surfaces, sinks, fiberglass,etc.). Formulated with food grade acids.

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Tested On People Not Animals |
Available in 1 gallon and 650mL trigger spray.
    Easy to use
    Removes lime scale
    Great for gelcoat
    Phosphoric acid blend

Eye protection and gloves required. Remove large and loose particles with a steel brush, abrasive, or high pressure water spray. Spray on affected area and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse area with clean water or leave to dry on surface if residual coating is desired. For cleaning corrosion on tools: Dilute 1 part rust remover to 4 parts water and soak overnight.